Using red in your rustic kitchen decor can be a bold move. Here are 32 kitchen decorating ideas using red as an accent color, wall color, island color, or main color.

How I Use Red Accents In Kitchen Decor

Red is a bold, vibrant color in home and kitchen decor that can instantly energize a space. I love using pops of red, especially in kitchen decorating, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. From red kitchen cabinets to red accessories, there are many ways to incorporate this fiery hue. Using sentimental cardinal decor items in your kitchen decor is also a great option!

Rustic Red Kitchen Decor Ideas

One of my favorite ways to add red to a kitchen is through red kitchen accessories like dishes, towels, small appliances, and decor accents. A few well-placed red items can make a big impact without overwhelming the space. For example, a red toaster or red kitchen aid mixer on the counter adds a fun pop of color.

You can also use red accents like curtains, rugs, or even a red kitchen island or peninsula for a bolder look. Red tiles for a backsplash or a red accent wall also make a statement.

How Do You Decorate With Red?

When decorating with red, it’s important to create a cohesive color scheme. Red pairs beautifully with neutrals like white, gray, and black. You can use red as an accent color against a neutral backdrop or let it be the star by painting the cabinets or walls red.

Another option is to combine red with other warm tones like oranges, yellows, and earth tones for a cozy, rustic vibe. Or pair red with cool blues and greens for a more vibrant, eclectic look.

The key is to use red strategically and balance it with other colors so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Stick to one or two red statement pieces or use red as an accent throughout the space.

What Colors Go With Red in Kitchen Decor?

Red is a surprisingly versatile color that can work with many different palettes:

  • White and Red: A classic combo that feels fresh and crisp
  • Gray and Red: Sophisticated and modern
  • Black and Red: Dramatic and bold
  • Blue and Red: Patriotic and vibrant
  • Green and Red: Festive for the holidays
  • Yellow and Red: Warm and energetic
  • Red and Copper and Earth Tones: Cozy and rustic

When choosing accent colors, consider the overall mood you want to create – whether bright and lively or calm and soothing.

How to Use Red Accents in Kitchen Decor

If you want to incorporate red without painting walls or cabinets, red accents are the way to go. Some ideas:

  • Kitchen accessories like red utensils, dishes, appliances
  • Red curtains or window treatments
  • Rugs or runners with a red print
  • Artwork or wall hangings featuring red cardinals
  • Stools or chairs with red upholstery
  • Red pendant lights or lamps

The beauty of accents is you can easily swap them out seasonally or when you want a fresh look.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Decor

For a rustic yet modern vibe, combine red with natural wood tones, vintage accents, and industrial elements:

Rustic Farmhouse Decor

  • Red cabinets with butcher block countertops
  • Tiled backsplash with red accents and open shelving
  • Other red accents like enamelware, antique signs, galvanized metal
  • Rustic wall decor like antique tools, breadboards, baskets

Rustic Wall Decor

  • Hang a vintage red rug or tapestry
  • Create a gallery wall with red accented artwork
  • Use reclaimed red barn wood for shelving
  • Display antique red enamelware or crockery

Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

The kitchen counter is a perfect spot to add pops of red:

  • Small red appliances (toaster, mixer, blender)
  • Red utensil crock or canister set
  • Potted herb garden or flowers in red pots
  • Cardinal cutting boards or trivets
  • Cardinal fridge magnets to hold important memos
  • Red dish towels or oven mitts
  • A bowl of red apples, tomatoes or other produce

Group items together for maximum impact and vary the shades of red for depth.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Bare kitchen walls are the perfect canvas for red accents:

  • Red tile backsplash (Moroccan, subway, penny tile)
  • Peel & Stick red wallpaper or removable decals
  • Red open shelving to display dishes
  • Hang red artwork or vintage signs
  • Install red pendant lights over a kitchen island
  • Paint an accent wall red

Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

A kitchen island is an ideal place to incorporate red decor:

  • Paint the island base red
  • Use a red countertop like granite or quartz
  • Add red bar stools or chairs
  • Hang red pendant lights above
  • Display a red tray or bowl as a centerpiece
  • Use red canisters to store utensils or snacks

More Rustic Red Kitchen Decorating Ideas

For a cozy, farmhouse-inspired kitchen with red accents:

  • Paint cabinets red and distress them for a vintage look
  • Use red gingham or buffalo check patterns
  • Incorporate red antique accents like enamelware, signs, baskets
  • Add a red tiled backsplash or accent wall
  • Hang red kitchen towels or curtains
  • Display red pottery, crockery, or copper accents
  • Use red upholstered stools or chairs
  • Install red beadboard wainscoting

With thoughtful use of red accents and decor, you can create a warm, inviting, and stylish kitchen that feels uniquely you.

More Red Kitchen Decoration Inspiration

Using red in your rustic kitchen decor can be a bold move. Here are 32 kitchen decorating ideas using red as an accent color, wall color, island color, or main color.